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Andrea's Bio

Connecting employees and leaders mindfully is core to Andrea’s corporate communications approach. All companies desire increased productivity and profitability, but that goal requires alignment to strategies, transparent messaging, engagement activities, and feedback cycles in addition to inspirational and supportive leadership.

For over 20 years, Andrea’s combined background in marketing, advertising, Public Relations, employee communications, organizational change management, and executive advising helped companies evolve their approach to communications.

Her prior work experiences and global clients include ExxonMobil, Salesforce, Westinghouse Electric Corporation (a ViacomCBS company), and Westinghouse Lighting.

Today, Andrea practices a heart-centered approach to partnerships and projects—one that honors diverse experiences, values people over paradigms, and strives to empower each person’s individuality and strengths. The future of business will be built not on the backs of its people but carried via their innovation, dedication, and entrepreneurial spirit.

Andrea’s areas of expertise include:

  • Executive and leadership advising;
  • Executive and leadership communications;
  • Internal communications strategy facilitation, development, and implementation;
  • Internal communications assessment and analysis;
  • Employee engagement communications strategy development;
  • Change management communications strategy and development;
  • Business strategy development and facilitation;
  • Marketing campaign development and planning;
  • Marketing communication asset development;
  • Content marketing, writing, editing.