Facilitation Solutions

Effective collaboration within an organization is a crucial source of productivity, creativity, and innovation. However, good collaboration can sometimes face obstacles slowing or blocking excellent outcomes. Other times, good collaboration can become great with outside help.

Whether you're looking for alignment, brainstorming, or collaboration, we guide you through facilitation discussions to move forward. Leadetic's experienced facilitators can support you to solve collaboration challenges within teams or between individuals. In addition, we can help you maximize the output of your next important meeting by introducing focused creativity tools and keeping the team on track.

Of course, we also have the experience and capability to support your needs with remote, hybrid, and in-person teams.

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Your Workshop - Your Way

Tailored for Your Needs

Do you have a mission-critical meeting scheduled that needs to be focused and highly productive? We can help.

Our facilitators can help you set up and run your meeting to output the best results possible. Depending on your needs, we can create the right combination of targeted brainstorming drills, exercises, games, creativity tools, and idea generation models to help your team arrive at their intended outcome. During the meeting, we ensure everything stays on track. We make sure all the attendees are participating, keep the conversation focused and on topic, and keep the flow of the meeting productive.

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Strategy planning is a creative process. Including an experienced facilitator in your next strategic planning session can help your team reveal their creativity more effectively and keep the meeting flow more fluid and on track.

Our facilitators can use a series of creative brainstorming activities and focused planning tools to help your team get the most out of your planning meetings.

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Remote or Hybrid Workshops

Conflict is an inevitable reality of working life. The challenge isn't to avoid conflict, or worse, hide the conflict. Instead, the challenge is to learn to leverage the conflict to generate an effective outcome.

We work with the involved parties and facilitate discussions to unlock the problem and boost people to take accountability to make things work. If necessary, we help the parties reframe their negative emotions and identify their blocking biases to depersonalize the conflict.

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Making significant changes takes a combination of desire and effort, and the results you can achieve from coaching are no different. Coaching is a very active process that requires commitment. As an athlete, the coach can help you get there, but only you can score the goal.

Be prepared to take responsibility for your success from the coaching engagement. Your coach will give you tasks and exercises to perform between sessions. The quality of the results you get will be proportional to the effort and commitment you make.

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