Team Member's Profile

Nora's Bio

Nora is a seasoned expert in leadership coaching, team effectiveness, and organizational development. She excels in steering both individuals and corporations through transformative changes, pivotal for their growth and well-being.

With a career that crosses various sectors, industries, and countries, Nora brings a wealth of international experience to her work. Over the past 15 years, her roles in the corporate and humanitarian sectors have profoundly influenced her comprehensive approach to leadership and organizational transformation. Her expertise is rooted in Human Resources Management and Counseling, focusing on assisting executives to strategize and implement impactful change.

Nora's rich professional background includes significant positions at Doctors Without Borders, Agile Actors, and Adecco HR. She is well-equipped academically, holding a master's degree in Human Resources Management and Career Counseling, and certifications in Positive Leadership, and Learning & Development Strategies. Her core ambition is empowering individuals to discover their innate strengths, which is key to building high-performing teams and fostering robust communities.

Her specific areas of proficiency encompass:

  • Leadership Advising and Development;
  • Personal and Team Coaching;
  • Expertise in Human Resources Management and Counseling;
  • Career Counseling;
  • Crafting and Executing Organizational Development Strategies;
  • Developing and Implementing Learning and Development Strategies;
  • Designing and Leading Training Workshops.